Practitioner Engagement

I attended the local Practitioner Engagement event (previously advertised on this site) yesterday. We had some small table discussions and whilst there were common themes around the difficulties caused by cutbacks and ‘efficiencies’ there were also great examples of positive and best practice, including Edinburgh’s Family Group Decision Making service (the only team of its kind in Scotland), the creation of specialist Autism worker posts, consistent and sustained policies in West Lothian with regard to Throughcare and Aftercare for young people and a real commitment from social workers, managers, senior managers and Scottish Government to promote and celebrate the social work role.

If you would like to feed back on your experiences of social work or if you have any ideas on how to promote the profession or promote good practice, please let us know. Regular attendees at ELPF meetings will be aware of the Chief Social Work Advisor Alan Baird’s support for our Forum and now that we have these excellent links with Ministers and Advisors we have an opportunity to make full use of them.


1 Response to “Practitioner Engagement”

  1. 1 Stuck on Social Work August 9, 2014 at 01:35

    I have this vision of “success reviews”. When treatment fails some sort of committee gets together and points out failures. We need a committee to review successes. We need more of this!


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