Young People’s Homeless Foyer Service

There will be new Foyer type services for homeless young people aged between 16 and 25 years that will be in operation from 17 August 2015. The changes are part of a Foyer Approach that will be piloted in Edinburgh over the next 18 months. The City of Edinburgh Council and the support providers have worked together over the past year to introduce some changes to provide a more holistic service to service users that focuses on achieving sustainable outcomes for them.

That means that from 17  August the City of Edinburgh Council and support providers will make some changes to the way young people get some visiting housing support and some accommodation.

The organisations involved are Barnado’s, Dean and Cauvin Trust, Edinburgh City Youth Café, Four Square, LinkLiving, Places for People, the Rock Trust and Ypeople.  A list of the services and contact details is included on this Young People Foyer – Info Sheet.

Collectively these services bring a wealth of resources, expertise and insight.  The City of Edinburgh Council is also working with colleagues that deliver employability support through a network of hubs to make sure we bring the broadest range of expertise to support the needs of young people.

Change can be worrying but people who are currently getting visiting support or staying in one of the hostels or flats will keep getting support.  They should notice that there will be more focus on working with employability services so they develop the skills and experience they will need to keep a home after they stop getting support.

The main changes will be:

  • Improved coordination of support and referrals between support providers and between Throughcare Aftercare and Homelessness services within the Council
  • Identifying when support isn’t working at an early stage so the young person can get support from another service
  • Making sure that young people who move out of supported accommodation into their own home get visiting support to make sure they can keep that home
  • Prioritising services for people most in need who are 16-17 years old and care leavers (16-25 years)
  • Closer working with employability services so young people develop the skills and experience they need to keep a home after they stop getting support
  • The aim to accommodate young couples with or without children in Foyer type supported accommodation
  • All services will provide follow up advice for young people who no longer get support but need a little help to deal with a specific problem.

For further information about the Foyer approach pilot please speak to Anja Witzel or Phil Watt

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