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Edinburgh Local Practitioner Forum 10/04/19

Please click on the links below to access the presentation slides for the recent ELPF Meeting:

ELPF Presentation – to share

Understanding Traumatic Stress – October 2018

Trauma-informed services

Safety and stabilisation pdf

Staying Well November 2018


ELPF April Meeting 2018

Hello Everyone,

We would like to invite you to come along to the next ELPF which will take place at:


City Chambers – Council Chamber on Monday, 23rd April from 09.30 – 12:00.


The Forum is open to all front-line staff from students, newly qualified workers and our more experienced colleagues. It offers an opportunity for reflection, finding out about new developments across the city and discussion about how these things affect you in your work.


It would be great if you could block out time in your diary to attend. Remember, the ELPF can feature in your ‘Looking Forward’ Conversations and for new workers, can count towards your PRTL. There is also tea and coffee (complimentary, so even better) and a chance to get to speak to workers who you may not otherwise come into contact with.


Agenda for the meeting:


  • Edinburgh; A Restorative City- What does this mean and how does it affect us as workers?
  • SWIFT-  what are the good bits, what are the bits that could be better- this is your opportunity to feedback as the workers that are using the system on a daily basis.
  • ‘What’s important to me?’- In the context of end of life care, Andrew Reeves will discuss his research with Marie Curie and we will have a discussion about how we can use this question in our work with clients.


Hopefully the morning will be interesting for you all and will include something for everyone. Please share this amongst your networks and with anyone who you think would be interested.


Look forward to seeing you there,


Andrew, Dave, David, Heidi, Lauren, Leigh and Lynne



Mission impossible on a daily basis

Guardian survey of social workers finds 92% affected by austerity; 82% work overtime every day and 82% don’t pay enough heed to their own wellbeing

Research, conducted by Guardian Jobs in association with Affinity Workforce, asked more than 1,420 staff across the social work profession about their working lives and revealed that although the majority get real satisfaction from their jobs, they face huge pressures every day. Link to original article

Street Soccer

A new social football group has started at Leith Community Centre on Thursdays at 1pm, aimed at adults who may be experiencing homelessness, isolation, mental health issues, in recovery or are just looking to socialise and improve health and fitness. There is no cost. More details here.

Edinburgh Choose Life: Reflection Event for those touched by suicide

Please see the Poster for Reflection 13th September 2015 2 for details of the Reflection Event to be held at the Augustine United Church on Sunday 13 September.

Tuesday 26 May

Thanks to all who made it to the meeting yesterday. What a great afternoon!  As promised, here are the links:

Thistle Foundation

Thistle Foundation Presentation


The Annie Dow Heroism Award

The New School


If you enjoyed yesterday afternoon please spread the word!

Occupational Therapist Registration Requirements

Occupational therapists will be required to re-register with the Health and Care Professions Council later this year, and as part of this, will need to declare that they have suitable indemnity insurance in place.

The City of Edinburgh Council has ‘Officials’ Indemnity’ cover, which addresses the Council’s legal liability for neglect, error or omission by any employee in the performance of their duties, and Professional Indemnity, which caters for the Council’s legal liability for neglect, error or omission by any employee arising from professional services committed in connection with the business. Both policies are subject to normal terms and conditions in relation to Council activities.

This cover has been deemed to be sufficient to meet the Health Care Professions Council requirements. In addition, some professional bodies and trade unions also offer indemnity insurance as part of their membership benefits.

Further information can be found on the Health Care Professions Council website at

Tuesday 26 May (next meeting)

Agenda here – see you then!

David Orr – Response to Michelle Miller’s blog post and the Contempt case

This post is in response to Michelle Miller’s blog post, viewable here and has been prepared by David Orr:

The findings indicate two social workers who, with the best interests of the children in mind, did what they considered was right and proper in that regard” (Lord Malcolm)

Given the significance of the decision made by the Court of Session on 27 March 2015 for social work practitioners not just in Edinburgh but across Scotland (and arguably further afield), it is reassuring that this month’s blog post by Michelle Miller (Chief Social Work Officer) is dedicated to the matter. When three Senators of the College of Justice overturn a decision of one of their peers in this fashion their reasoning warrants close scrutiny. I had planned to write a response in the comments field attached to the blog but when I started it was hard to stop. I figured it was better not to hijack that platform hence the post on the ELPF website which welcomes contributions from any practitioner. These views are my own though, not those of the ELPF.

Continue reading ‘David Orr – Response to Michelle Miller’s blog post and the Contempt case’

Next ELPF Meeting

City Chambers Business Centre 09.30 - 12.30April 10th, 2019
City Chambers, Business Centre: 09.30 - 12.30

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