We will, where possible, post presentations from ELPF contributors on this page. If you would prefer we sent you a copy directly, use the Contact Us form.

Andy McWhirter/John Stevenson ‘Restorative City’: CSMGpresentation (2)

SWIFT changes: Swift Replacement Summary of Activities for April workhsop

Community in Motion: cim-intro

Turn Your Life Around: ca-tyla-slides

Community in Motion: cim-overview cim-programme-brief-summary

Willow Project: willow-designing-a-trauma-informed-service-nov-2016

Edinburgh Apps

ELPF ICT presentation 25-8-2016


26.11.2015 Austerity and Social Work

Inclusive Edinburgh Board Meeting Nov 2015

Welfare Rights: GP practices with advice 2015

Welfare Rights: Mark Upward feb 2015

Inclusive Edinburgh Nov 2014

GIRFEC Presentation November 2014

EVOC – Reshaping Care for Older People

Shakti Women’s Aid 13.05.2014, Additonal information sheet

Dr Anna Williams MS

Post Diagnostic Support Service Presentation – general copy 16.1.14

Presentation for Practitioners forum

Working with Fathers May 2013

Integration of Health and Social Care, February 2013

Redesigning the Community Justice System, February 2013

CEC presentation on Self Directed Support, October 2012

Self Directed Support Scotland October 2012

Inclusion Scotland – Welfare Reform or Plain Old-Fashioned Cuts 26.07.2012

Bill Scott – An Analysis of DWP projections

Bill Scott – Cumulative Impacts of Welfare Reform & the Risk of Loss of Homelessness

Richard Gass – Rights Advice Scotland (please note this was not presented to the ELPF)

Reclaim Social Work – Steve Goodman, Morning Lane Associates, 26.04.2012

Happiness – Why Care. Angus Skinner 13.04.2011

Building Upward Spirals – Angus Skinner

Safe and Effective Work with Men who Abuse

Childrens Hearings June 2011

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