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Social Work Action Network (SWAN) 14 November 6.30-9pm

The next SWAN meeting focuses on food banks. Please see the flyer below for details.




Barnardo’s ‘You First’ programme for young parents

You First was developed by Barnardo’s and funded by the Scottish Government, to target vulnerable parents aged 21 and under, with a child under the age of
one, who live in the 15% most deprived areas in Scotland. The paper below evaluates the benefits of the programme and how these benefits could be maximised through effective delivery.

Barnardo’s You First Evaluation

Independent Review Service for the Social Fund

This is perhaps the final Social Fund Commissioner’s Annual Report and covers the period 2011/2012. The Welfare Reform Act 2012 contains provision to abolish this role, bringing with it the end to the independent review process. Current arrangements for the payment of Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans will end, with powers transferred to Scottish Government and consequently local authorities.
The article can be read here.


p.s. some of the Chairs met last night to discuss plans for 2013…it’s going to be good!

Social Fund Guide and Benefit Changes

First off – a disclaimer! The following post reflects my own thoughts and is not representative of the ELPF as a whole (well, maybe it is, but I’d rather not assume!).

I’ve noticed the changes in the benefit system seem to be happening on an almost weekly basis with little reference to them in the news unless it’s to do with assements relating to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), increasing levels of unemployment, or when the Lords suggest amendments to Bills and the Westmister Government ignores the recommendations and ploughs on ahead with ‘reform’ regardless. Or you keep up to date with the Guardian’s Society pages. Continue reading ‘Social Fund Guide and Benefit Changes’

Next ELPF Meeting

World Social Work DayMarch 17th, 2020
Edinburgh Arts Centre

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