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The Internet, Social Media and ‘stuff on the web’

The ELPF have previously hosted meetings where the use of social media/the internet/online resources was discussed. We have also fed back on the social media policies at the City of Edinburgh Council and had contrasting input from the SSSC on the use of social media in our private lives (just a reminder – ramp up your privacy settings!). IRISS have produced an interesting article which provides supporting information for your business case when it comes to what you can access in the workplace, and it can be found here:

Many thanks to David Orr who brought this to my attention!


Viewpoint: it’s time to let your staff use social media

Do workers need access to social media? Here is an article from Gez Smith who thinks our employers might be overly cautious.   Viewpoint: it’s time to let your staff use social media.

“Your staff or colleagues are the people best placed to make sure that your customers have all of their questions answered quickly and politely, and are also best placed to look out for and correct any untruths that may appear [online]”.

P.S. I have been reminded that some employers do allow staff to access social media – particularly if there is a “business need” and, for example, City of Edinburgh Council staff are directed to their staff intranet (The Orb) for help with accessing and using social media at work.

Cuts have left social workers ‘drowning in admin’

BASW investigation finds worrying trends – is this happening around you?

Read the report and/or article  below and let us know what you think.

Government cuts have left social workers ‘drowning in admin’ – Community Care

World Social Work Day – 20 March 2012

Did you know that World Social Work Day is later this month or that this is National Social Work Month (USA)?

International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) – A WEEK OF SOCIAL WORK ACTION AROUND THE WORLD.

World Social Work Day – Tuesday 20 March 2012
UN Social Work Day – Monday 26 March 2012.

Social Work Month 2012

Anyone know of local or UK action or media events?

SSSC Social Media Guidance

Morning Folks

Following on from 26th January’s meeting, here is a link to the SSSC Social Media Guidance that was mentioned by Amanda Waugh and Ann Moffatt. Once again, many thanks to all who attended – what a great start to the year for the ELPF! Hopefully we can continue to grow, both online and within the social work community in Edinburgh. City of Edinburgh staff, keep an eye on the C&F Blog and look out for us on the H&SC pages of the Orb. Could I also draw your attention to the IRISS survey (completion of which comes with the possibility of winning a whopping £25 Amazon voucher!) and the CIF Exchange Programmes information, both mentioned at yesterday’s meeting.

See you on 26th April, again at Cafe Camino, however this time with microphones 😉


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